An update from our Executive Director

We are pleased to announce an updated change to the structure of our day programs.

With recent staffing changes, we have taken the opportunity not only to look at our needs to fill leadership positions but also to examine our current structure, changing trends and needs in the service delivery system, and the talents of our current staff.

As we strive to implement plans to demonstrate compliance with the Home and Community Based Settings Rule, we will be building additional opportunities to ensure that those we serve have the opportunity to tailor choices based on their interests, abilities and needs to the greatest degree possible. This includes further development of the community-based programming we have been calling recreation and exploration.

To make this happen, our day services leadership team, under the direction of Keith will have roles that assign individual responsibility to the roles of developing programming, supervision of staff and production, and development of a comprehensive community habilitation program while collectively supporting the overall success of the program.

Beth Webb has accepted the position of Program Development Manager. Beth has been our Literacy and Wellness Coordinator, and her experience in curriculum development in schools systems will arm her in her role of supporting the programming needs of the individuals we serve. She will be taking the lead to develop a dynamic curriculum, train staff, monitor the implementation and lead the intake process for new individuals we serve.

Christie Kincaid Shores has accepted the position of Day Operations Manager. Christie has been in several positions in our day services over her years with us, but most recently has been the Manager of our Main Street Enterprises operation. She has not only been supervising the staff but has also been overseeing production completed by our work center contractors. Christie’s role will expand to support all day services staff and she will continue to support production activities.

Trevor Davids will be our Community Habilitation Coordinator. Trevor started with us in our Community Membership Program, has worked in Day Programs and has been serving as the Recreation and Exploration Program. This program has proven to be highly regarded by the people we serve and demand has outweighed his availability. Our goal with this program is to expand opportunities as the service is requested.

Now that we have those positions identified, we are also in the process of hiring Team Lead Positions, an Art Instructor, and a Utility Worker for our production program. We will also be filling a Literacy and Wellness role with Beth’s new responsibilities.

You will hear us start to refer to programs differently. We will be calling Main Street Enterprises Work Services. Personal and Community Services will be called Day Habilitation, and Recreation and Exploration will be called Community Habilitation. Groups within each program may add group naming as well with input from group participants and their support staff.

We could not be happier that we have been able to fill these roles internally and offer our current staff opportunities for advancement. Join us in welcoming them to their new roles!

Where do we go now?

What to expect from us in our 2019-2020 fiscal year? We are very excited to roll out some new core values and capabilities to benefit our culture and impact growth.
Our four core values include Empowerment, Integrity, Collaboration and Respect. We empower our staff to be knowledgeable committed listeners who deliver, high-quality, person-centered service throughout a person’s life and life transitions. We collaborate to provide innovative high-quality programs and services that promote choice and personal development. We respect the people we support and work to nurture a network of people and other organizations that share our commitment to provide maximum impact. We show integrity by using fiscally sound financial principles that maximize our resources.
When looking at the changing landscape of our rapidly growing organization and community, we are excited to announce that Keith Digman has joined our team. Keith has held many upper-level management and leadership positions while serving a combined number of 21 years in our field. Keith is highly experienced in developing programs that meet industry standards and provide additional opportunities to the people they support.
At the same time, Keith is joining us, we bid farewell to Tracy Autrey, who has decided to move on from The Arc of Greater Boone County after many years of service. We wish her well in future endeavors. We are currently in the process of filling Tracy’s position and we look forward to providing an update once we finalize our day service structure.
The people we serve are at the forefront of everything that we do! As a reminder to our staff, the people we serve will now be placed at the top of every organizational structure chart we produce. We would be happy to provide copies of our organization staff structure chart to anyone who would like to see it. Email Karlie, at, to request a copy.