All About our Witham Health Services Sponsorship

Our sponsorship from Witham Health Services helped us to start a program called Health Matters in 2016. Health Matters is a program that helps our participants learn more about health and nutrition. With the Witham Health Services sponsorship, we have been able to increase participants stamina, strength, and flexibility. This sponsorship has provided us the funding to carry out the program and give our participants the tools for healthy success. Witham provides us with is a licensed nutritionist every week to assist with our educational sessions.

Our participants have lost a total of 297 pounds through Health Matters. With Witham and Health Matters participants are learning about the caloric amounts in foods to make better choices every day. We plan to grow the program this year through providing Fitbits for class attendees to use. Fitbits will increase our participants understanding of how heart rate and steps taken during workouts relate to calorie burn.

We are very thankful for this sponsorship and the partnership that it has fostered between our organization and Witham Health Services!

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