Local enterprise Mr. Canary Company debuts on Home Shopping Network

After receiving its first-ever utility patent, the Mr. Canary® Company is preparing to debut on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Mr. Canary® is known for its social mission, supporting workers with disabilities to source, assemble, package, and ship Mr. Canary® products nationwide.
“For over 23 years, Mr. Canary bird feeders have perched quietly on the shelves of some of the country’s largest retailers. Now, in partnership with HSN, we are bringing an easy, virtually maintenance-free method of bird feeding to a national audience who prefer HSN’s ‘Third Way to Shop,’” said Jan Long, president of the Mr. Canary Company. “Whether our customer is an 80-something recovering from a joint replacement or a 30-something who doesn’t have time to devote to maintaining a traditional bird feeder, our ‘Bird Buffet System™’ makes it easier for everybody to enjoy backyard birds –without heavy seed bags or the gross clean-up chores required of traditional bird feeders.”
Long summarizes her new ‘Bird Buffet System™’ as, “’TV-dinners for birds.’ We use premium seed, sealed in single-use, eco-friendly trays that easily slide into a permanent bird feeder housing.”
The success of their new system will drive the company’s unique business partnership with The Arc of Greater Boone County, a not-for-profit organization in Lebanon, Indiana, that assists people with disabilities and special needs to achieve their maximum potential. This partnership with Mr. Canary® provides meaningful work to a population of Hoosiers who face too few opportunities in the job market.
“Mr. Canary® was a ‘social enterprise’ long before that was part of the lexicon. It was simply a good business decision that was mutually beneficial. Our business model shows one way private businesses can partner with local community organizations to lift everyone higher,” said Long.
Watch Jan Long launch the Mr. Canary® Company ‘Bird Buffet System™’ on Tuesday, May 8th on HSN. Long will be live on three separate airings, the first from midnight to 1:00 AM EST, the second from 8:009:00 AM EST, and the final airing from 9:00-10:00 PM EST.
To learn more about Mr. Canary and their products, please visit mrcanary.com.

About: Started in 1995 by two sisters who were eager to turn their dad’s little bird feeder into a trip to the shopping mall, today Mr. Canary® positively impacts more than seventy individuals with intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities. All these years later, Jan Long finds herself as the sole owner of Mr. Canary®, and about to branch out into a whole new market.

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