Happy New Year!


A new year is finally here! We want to thank all of our supporters for your support this past year.

With your help we were able to improve many things in 2016:

  • We hired additional participants in the Mainstreet Enterprises workshop
  • PCS increased its average daily attendance
  • 85% of students with disabilities existing the school system in Boone County were referred to Vocational Rehab for employment support
  • 640 women, infants, and children were served on a monthly basis from our local WIC office an increase of 65 individuals from the previous year
  • 90 hours per month were spent in the community volunteering by participants and their staff with our Community Membership program

Annual Thanksgiving Banquet


Thursday, the 17th before Thanksgiving we held our annual awards banquet at the Boone County 4-H fairgrounds. This event gave us the opportunity to honor our participants and the achievements they have made throughout the year.

We were also able to recognize many other community partners:

  • McDonald’s, Employer of the Year
  • Sugar Creek Art Center, Community Partner
  • Vocational Rehab, Community Partner
  • Sheriff Mike Nielson, Community Partner of the Year

The participants we recognized for outstanding achievement:

  • Eugene, Job Connection Participant of the Year
  • Kim, Community Membership Participant of the Year
  • Kyle, Transition Participant of the Year
  • Jennifer, Literacy Participant of the Year
  • Mark, Health Matters Participant of the Year
  • Reggie, MSE Participant of the Year
  • Henry, PCS Participant of the Year

Arc Artisans Art Show

We held our annual art show in Thorntown again this year. Our artisans worked hard to complete original pieces to showcase and sell at this event. Bella Helibrum, our art teacher, organized the collections to showcase and made sure our event ran without a hitch.

Art items for sale from our Artisans include:

  • hand-dyed scarves
  • paintings
  • paper bowls
  • clay saucers
  • Christmas ornaments
  • beaded necklaces
  • canvas bags
  • mailboxes