CFBC supports art at The Arc GBC with $3,500 grant

On January 7, 2019, The Arc of Greater Boone County (The Arc GBC) received funding to reintroduce ceramics into their, Arc Artisans, art programming. The Arc GBC offered ceramic classes in the past but due to growth in other programs, they found space and funding to be an obstacle. The people served by Arc Artisans, their families, staff and local community awaited the day ceramic artwork would again be a possibility.

Thanks to the $3,500 received from the Community Foundation of Boone County (CFBC), a kiln was purchased that could be plugged into a standard dryer outlet instead of needing to be wired in by an electrician. This kiln now has a secured space to stay and can be locked for safety while it is in use. New materials and supplies to create ceramics, metal and glass working projects were also purchased with the grant. The ceramics created through the use of this grant have been very popular! Nearly 95 ceramic pieces have been sold within the past year. These sales help offset the costs of the program and teach entrepreneurship to the Arc Artisans. The artists take home a commission check quarterly based on the items they have sold. “I love seeing the faces of our Arc Artisans after they get a commission check. Payday is a big deal, and it makes our artists feel even better to know that someone liked what they created enough to take it home.” – Karlie Shaw, Development Director at The Arc of Greater Boone County.

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